) Take You There Radio
take you there radio
En. Fr.

Ever feel like you could just go somewhere else?
With something more once you get there?
Ever feel like no one is with you to experience things with you?
Do you want a Tic Tac?
Do you hear the tic tac?

What languages do you speak?
Do you know that I can understand French but I can’t speak it?
What does that say about power and love?
Can you feel your power?

How’s it going with the long distance?
Do you think I sound pretty?
Do you want to set up a studio visit?
Do you want to make me a mix tape?

Have you heard Weather For The Blind?

Do you believe in transcendence?
Do you know what transcendence is?
Do you want to transcend?
Do you want to hear something you’ve never heard before?
Do you think I have a beautiful voice, baby?

Ever feel like where you are isn’t where you want to be?
Do you want to be taken to another place?
Do you want to be taken to another level?
If you were a number what would you be?
If you were a metal what would you be?
Would you be copper?
Would you be stolen from abandoned houses?

Do you want to hear something?
Do you think they have radio at the center of the earth?
Do you think they have radio at the edge of the earth?
Do you remember the Chilean Miners trapped for 69 days?
Do you remember the Malaysian flight 370?

Who was it who said something about There’s no there, there?
Was it Gertrude Stein?
Do you want to talk about Gertrude Stein?
Do you know about her art collection?
Do you know that she died in France?

Do you like the French New Wave?

Do you know that utopia comes from the roots — ou topos
which means no place — which is sort of equivalent to radio space?

Do you think radio space is a place?
Do you think it’s like whatever you want it to be?
Is it the midnight hour?
Do you want to come to utopia?
Do you want to come to utopia with me?
Do you want me to take you there?